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T&K Enviro Excavations is proud to present our newest venture into hydro excavation and non-destructive digging. Our new vacuum truck, the Bell Environmental Vacuum Truck, is a mid-sized vacuum truck with an environmentally sensitive approach to noise pollution. The vac system produces just 90dBA at full revs, significantly less than comparable equipment. It is our pleasure to offer the Greater Melbourne Area and Country Victoria the ease of use and convenience of hydro excavation. If you need non destructive digging, underground sump cleaning, sludge removal from a water treatment plant in Melbourne, T&K Enviro Excavations is ready and waiting to deliver non-destructive digging to your area today.


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We specialise in the latest modern excavation technology to deliver intelligent, innovative and precise non-destructive digging when and where you need it. With our new Bell Environmental Vacuum Truck, we can excavate the exact area you need excavating without damaging the local environment. This is critically important in urban areas, where cramped utilities and underground cables can obstruct and delay the excavation project. With its Jurop Helix series vacuum system’s hydro excavation capabilities and our G3 Utility Locators, you’re no longer in the dark about where any underground utilities or cables are. That is the power of hydro excavation.

Environmentally Sustainable NDD Solutions in Melbourne

We offer a variety of vacuum excavation and suction services including pipe cleaning, tank and vessel cleaning, grease trap cleaning, and more. We provide our services to residential, civil, rail and commercial projects all over Melbourne, and Country Victoria.

We are committed to ensuring a high standard of safety and environmental protection, by abiding by all Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines and implementing best industry practices. machines for hire undergo log book pre-start checks daily and maintained constantly by technicians so you never have to worry about the condition of the machine when you hire from us.


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To find out more about T&K Enviro Excavation, our trucks or our people, contact us now. Get a free quote now to see our competitive vacuum truck hire rates. We offer our vacuum truck hire services across Melbourne, from Ballarat to Deer Park to St Kilda. We are also happy to travel for long-term work.

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