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30 Years of Construction & Excavation Experience

At T&K Enviro Excavations, we can provide a wide range of services for a multitude of different projects. These range from civil and rail infrastructure excavation, digging, potholing and trenching, to cleaning debris and removing slurry and more. With our extensive experience over the past 30 years working in the construction and excavation industry, we are confident that we can provide some of the best quality excavation services that you can find.

Why Hydro Excavation?

So what exactly is hydro excavation? What sorts of things does it entail? By using highly pressured water in place of a drill or claw, we can precisely direct the excavation with greater freedom of control than most excavators can. Hydro excavation serves several different purposes, encompassing civil construction work, rail infrastructure excavation, potholing/posthole digging, trenching, upgrading or removing underground conduits. These projects utilise a vac truck's precise and non-destructive potential by reducing the potential to damage and impact infrastructure, utilities, or cause injury. Our well-maintained and modern machines can efficiently and safely deliver the best in vacuum excavation to your door in the Greater Melbourne Area.


Our Hydro Excavation Services

  • Identifying & locating Underground services‚Äč
  • Civil Construction works
  • Rail infrastructure works
  • Pothole, Posthole Digging
  • Trenching
  • Pit cleanouts & dewatering
  • Pipe & drain cleaning debris & silt removal
  • Hydro Drill Slurry Removal
  • Conveyor system clean up
  • Emergency response clean up
  • Tree root exposure & removal

Sludge Removal, Gutter Clearing and More

We offer cleaning and removal services across the Greater Melbourne Area with our vacuum truck hire service. Whether it be pit cleanouts, cleaning debris from pipes, or general civil construction, we have the right solution to tackle your job quickly and cleanly. We're dedicated to delivering a friendly, reliable and professional experience with 100% effort given every time.

Reliable Non-Destructive Digging Services from the Professionals 

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Our vacuum truck hire and hydro excavation service embody innovation, reliability and convenience. Located in Albanvale, only 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD, we provide a range of services such as civil construction, cleaning debris, potholing and more. We service all across Melbourne, surrounding suburbs & Country Victoria for longer-term projects. To find out more about T&K Enviro Excavation, our Bell Environmental vac truck or any of our staff, contact us now. Get a free quote now to see our competitive vacuum truck wet hire rates.

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