Civil hydro excavation services in Melbourne

T&K Enviro Excavations provide high-quality and professional hydro excavation services for civil projects in Melbourne and country Victoria. With our over 30 years of experience providing excavation and construction services for civil projects across Victoria, our team have the capability and expertise to achieve your project’s objectives accurately, efficiently, and safely on time and within budget.

We embody innovation, reliability, and convenience across our entire business. We have always sought after skill development and service expansion because we believe that the key to a successful project is having a team with the knowledge and ability to meet unexpected challenges head on.

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Our civil hydro excavation services


When you need non-destructive landscaping services, contact T&K Enviro Excavations. We provide hydro excavation services for hard landscaping, structural landscaping, garden design, and garden construction. Using hydro excavation services for landscaping projects leaves the surrounding soil intact and ensures that soil’s surface remains compacted. With our vacuum truck’s precise non-destructive digging potential, we ensure that your landscaping project receives accurate excavation and that no sensitive underground utilities are damaged in the excavation process. Our vacuum excavators are always perfect for providing landscaping services to tight access areas where a destructive machinery cannot normally access.

Tree Preservation

T&K Enviro Excavations, is aligned with Qualified leading Arborists to do detailed tree root impact reports, conducting root exploration and trenching in sensitive areas to allow repairs to existing or new underground assets to continue to be installed through tree protection zones with minimal impact on our native trees. As well as tree root excavation and exploration prior to any new manual or mechanical excavation works to protect existing trees.

Plumbing, pipe clearing & drainage clearing

When dealing with clogged pipes and drainage systems, you need a powerful solution to clear away any debris or silt that has built up within. With our powerful 2020 Bell Jurop 7000L vacuum truck for hire and our team of expert hydro excavation technicians, we provide the right equipment and industry expertise to handle whatever blockage needs to be cleared from your pipe or drainage systems. We provide our plumbing, pipe clearing, and drainage clearing services for sink and bath drains, sewer lines, storm water drains, ash and slurry lines, park and walkway drainage, road culverts, and driveway entrance drains.

Underground utility locating

Whether you need underground service locating for major civil construction works or for a landscaping project, our hydro excavation services can help. Our hydro excavation services allow us to provide safe and efficient non-destructive digging to locate any underground utilities in your area, including optic fibre, water, gas, electrical, and sewer systems. Our services include predesign locating, onsite markup, surveyed plans, and digital data for design and potholing.

Civil construction

No matter what civil construction project you have, T&K Enviro Excavations offers the best hydro excavation services for it, with our powerful vacuum trucks and skilled team of non-destructive digging experts. We provide our services for a range of projects, including rail infrastructure, pit and pipe construction, utility installation, road construction, trenching, light pole installation, and civil landscaping. Our hydro excavation services enable us to provide powerful, non-destructive digging solutions for all projects, including tight access areas, efficiently and accurately achieve your project objectives.

Slurry and liquid waste removal

Our liquid waste and slurry removal services provide environmental remediation for hazardous and packaged waste, contaminated soils and slurry, drilling mud removal, and conveyor system clean-out projects. We also provide emergency clean-up solutions for hazardous waste spills, prioritising safety and efficiency at all times. Our hydro excavation technicians are well-trained, highly experienced, and capable of meeting unique challenges quickly, and our 2020 Bell Jurop 7000L vacuum truck is well-maintained and always serviced for effectiveness and reliability.



Areas we service

We offer a wide variety of hydro excavation service solutions for civil projects across Melbourne with our range of vacuum trucks for hire. Our range of vacuum trucks for hire and the experience of our team of hydro excavation specialists ensure that we always provide the best non-destructive digging services, no matter what your project involves. We provide our services to residential, civil, rail, and commercial projects all over Melbourne, Kilmore, Seymour, Craigieburn and surrounding areas throughout country Victoria.







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From our base of operations in Albanvale, only 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD, we travel across Victoria to provide a range of civil hydro excavation services. From landscaping to civil electrical contracting, plumbing and pipe clearing, civil construction, and more, we provide the best in hydro-excavation services on long-term projects. To find out more about our civil hydro excavation services, contact us now. Get a free quote and see our competitive vacuum truck wet hire rates.


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