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We Strive for Excellence and Innovation in Hydro Excavation Solutions

T&K Enviro Excavations is a family-owned business. We are proud to announce our new venture into hydro non-destructive excavation works, focusing on innovation and quality services for our clients. For the past 30 years, we have been involved in many different roles from labouring to plant operating for civil construction, as well as working with local councils, irrigation, maintenance and drainage works.

Safety is Our Number 1 Priority

We are committed to implementing the best practices in workplace health and safety. As experts in the excavation industry in Melbourne, we are proud to lead the charge in innovating excavation technology through the utilisation of hydro excavation. Our investment in new technology greatly lowers the risks associated with excavation, such as damage to property and utilities, and injuries from those working nearby. Our philosophy at T&K is to work smarter, not harder, and that extends to how we plan for our future in excavation. We are always looking for smarter, more efficient and more convenient ways to excavate because we know that these qualities translates to better customer satisfaction and experience.

Our investment in new hydro excavation technology also directly reflects our environmentally safe policy. We are proponents in environmental sustainability, and we at T&K Enviro Excavation work tirelessly to implement best practices and abiding by industry regulations to reduce pollution, air emissions, water contamination and ensure land conservation. We believe in a strong and active log-keeping initiative that helps us constantly and consistently improve our capabilities and skills in excavation.


We are obligated to the E.P.A. Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines IWRG811and IWRG816 to maintain and keep a clean and safe worksite. By implementing the best worksite practices, this will help reduce pollution, air emissions, water and land conservations. We also report any incidents and ensure prompt corrective action is implemented to prevent any recurrences. Implementing corrective measures will improve site safety and eliminate environmental accidents.

  • Equipped with all safety management signs and barricades.
  • Our equipment complies with the national code of practice for the construction industry.

Environmental Management

Our Workplace Health and Safety Procedures

We're committed to Workplace Health and Safety by providing a duty of care, meaning we will communicate and consult to all employees, the public and clients working with us to understand our client’s worksite policies and procedures. This ensures that we protect underground cables and pipes and so that there are no disruptions to businesses or households. Our plant and equipment undergo log book pre-start checks daily to maintain safety and protection from injury. This also protects you from any accidental spillages that may have an environmental impact.

We're Melbourne’s First Choice for Hydro Excavation and Vacuum Truck Hire

When you hire from T&K, we strive to provide a personable, reliable and high-quality, professional experience. We put a strong emphasis on providing fantastic customer service and giving more than 100% on every project we undertake. Every project matters to us because we know your project is everything to you. Therefore, we dedicate all our efforts into completing each project with our full determination and vigour. When you need reliable hydro excavation, you know that by choosing T&K you’re getting the best hydro excavation service you can find.


Reliable Non-Destructive Digging Services from the Professionals 

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